Dear Parents: To login to VSWare go to http://colaistecoissiuire.vsware.ie/ (or a free mobile app can be downloaded in your app store).Due to the COVID-19 school closures, Coláiste Cois Siúire have taken the decision to re-issue parent login details so that all parents can support their children. 

You will have received your login details by text message from the school. Please enter your new username and choose the create/reset password option. 

This is sent to the mobile number on the school system. Parents must ensure their contact number is up-to-date.  Additional instructions and support on how to access VSWare can be found here: http://support.vsware.ie/parents-guide-to-vsware  

We hope that this additional support measure is helpful at this challenging time. CCS Digital Strategy Team

Click to open the document Parent-Guide-to-Accessing-Reports-on-VSWare