Sports Facility Upgradation

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Our university will be provided basic infrastructural facilities needed for students to practice for the Winter Sports Event. City Expert Committee has also approved subsequent upgradation of the grant for the follow-up activities, as the case may be, will be done keeping in view the optimal utilization of new technologies.


We have a need for carrying out the latest model equipment upgrading.


Adopting new cleaning technique helps improve the efficiency of the event.


We provide specially made warm clothes for participants and audiences.


This event includes many free souvenir giveaway sessions for visitors.

One of the keys to better sports facility maintenance planning is to set measurable objectives so that progress during a set period can be monitored. Infrastructure and facilities too would have limited impact unless backed by proper legacy planning and PPPs in this sector.

Our Valuable Donos

Georgie Lloyd
Georgie Lloyd

Basic sports facilities are provided at the time of opening of the complexes. Subsequently more facilities are added on as required basis. Whereas major development works and upgradation of facilities is done by the DDA Engineers, minor improvements are made possible through funds generated from within the sports.

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