School Campus Upgradation

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For a better environment for our students to effectively study and grow, we are planning to upgrade and expand our campus. Main activities include planning, purchasing building materials and constructing. All of these might cost not only a small amount but probably a fortune if poorly managed.


Thorough cleansing of all offices and buildings in KidsPlay center.


We are planning on an alternative lighting system for a brighter view.


A meticulous arrangement of plants and flowers creates more freshness.


The new design of parterre on our center quarter is just marvelous.

Because this is such a big project, so besides above-mentioned stages, we also need to hire a manager who has a great deal of experience and major to manage our budget and carry out the project carefully & efficiently. This might cost us more than we can handle.

So we are in need of your help, please donate to our project for a better future of our students – your children and our society’s owner-to-bes. We promise to make every penny count and use the budget effectively. We guarantee to stay true to our purpose. So consider donating for us.

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